Recycling and packaging

Hi All, 

I haven't ever had any complaints on packaging but I just wanted to put my stance on recycling and why I do what I do, in writing. 
We try to recycle a much as we can in our household. We try to use minimal packaging (this doesn't always work with kids and a busy lifestyle so I wont claim to be perfect here). 
One thing I really try to do in this business is use what I can from what already exists. 
If you are local to Adelaide or even Australia wide, you may have received a parcel of gorgeous crystals in a......shoebox??? Yes! A shoebox. A good friend of mine works for a shoe store and I frequently ask for shoe boxes to use as they would otherwise be thrown out (in the recycling). But I ask for them for 2 reasons. 1, they get a second chance to be used. 2. It's cost effective for me. The less I spend on packaging, the better price I can sell crystals for. Those who have been around long enough, will know that I pass on what ever savings I can. 
I am still using the shoeboxes where I can but I have recently purchased mailer boxes from The boxes are: 

  • Made from 99.9% post-consumer recycled paper
  • Australian-made
  • FSC certified
  • Recyclable and compostable
  • Water based ink
  • Glue-free

They also store flat and are easier to use. 
I also recycle as much packaging as I can from my wholesalers. If they send me bubble wrap, I will try to keep it in tact and reuse it. This saves buying more and it's unnecessary to throw it away, only to buy more. I will reuse packaging peanuts and any other paper wrap that I'm sent. 

I am also moving to use a biodegradable sticky tape and other items that can help reduce the impact of unnecessary packaging. The tape has the following heaps good points: 

  • Made from ~90% renewable resources
  • Bio based film, no fossil fuels 
  • Natural rubber adhesive that won't leave any toxins when composted
  • Certified industrial compostable, meeting Australian Standard AS 4736

If you have ever visited me at a fair or market, you will also notice the brown bags. 1 is a lunch bag and is recyclable.

The other is a larger paperbag with handles. I sourced this from Biopak. They are recyclable, compostable bags that are sustainably made. 

In all of this, I have had to make sure I had the environment in mind as well as budget. I also wanted something that was representative of me and also, something that I could easily make my own. 

That all being said, if you want all the bells and whistles and fancy wrap, let me know - I'll be sure to charge extra. But if you are not fussed, and just want to pretties on the inside, you're in the right place. 


Love and light